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Fox 40 Electronic Whistle - Unique Sports Accessories


Fox 40 Electronic Whistle

$ 18.95

The Fox 40 Electronic Whistle with Breakaway Wrist Lanyard features three very distinctive tones, and they can be aimed in the specific direction you wish the sound to go to. Electronic Whistle provides a very clear, loud, and consistent sound every time you push a button which is operated by hand, making it a much more hygienic solution that can be used by multiple people. Fox 40 Electronic Whistle with Breakaway Wrist Lanyard includes a detachable breakaway wrist Lanyard and the electronics are operated by a 9-Volt battery. It also comes with four switch functions providing three different tone functions and an amazing sound rating of 125dB that can be heard over any ambient noise, whether it be the city, the roar of engines, cheers of the crowds or are in the mountains. The lanyard is 3/16 in., rope-style woven with the Fox 40 Brand, and includes button-style spring-loaded adjustable cord lock.

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